Test your SCI-FI I.Q. with this custom
First Men In The Moon science fiction movie trivia game

for experts!

"Steampunk Rally"
is  game of which Professor Cavor would well approve, Sir, though
Mr. Bedford would surely try to market it! See how far you get in building your own Steampunk Locomotion while trying to drive it at the same time!

Steampunk Rally

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The video game "Asteroids" is not as old as H.G. Wells, The First Men In The Moon, it only seems that way! Yet, it's still as impossibly addicitive as it was in the early 1980's when it first came out. Use your arrow keys to control the Ship and shoot the asteroids, but don't get hit by the fragments!

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 just like

H.G. Wells' The First Men In The Moon In 3-D!